Cosplay Finland Tour

Briefly in English

Cosplay Finland Tour, or CFT for short, is a Finnish community of cosplay organizers and photographers. CFT was founded in 2005 to help event organizers with cosplay related programmes, including competitions and shows.

The key parts of our work are as follows.

  • Arranging photo and video services, and borrowing related equipment. This includes our mobile cosplay photo studio.
  • Assisting cons and other events with cosplay programmes, including competitions, shows and more.
  • Organizing World Cosplay Summit events in Finland, including the yearly Finnish preliminaries.
  • Promoting cosplay both to cosplayers and the mainstream meadia. A key part of this is maintaining a large, long term photo gallery of cosplay events and other cosplay photos.


CFT's services, including photo studio services and competitions, are always free for all cosplayers. Depending on the type of event and possible entry fees, we may ask the event organizers to take part in our costs. However, CFT operates strictly on a non profit basis. All of our work is voluntary in nature, and none of our staff members are compensated financially for their work.

CFT is managed by Säätöyhteisö B2 ry, a Finnish based registered non profit organization. The majority of our costs are covered by a number of sponsors, listed on the right side of our website.

Useful links

As our website is targeted for the Finnish audience, all material is in Finnish language. For the benefit of our English speaking visitors, we have compiled a list of useful links relating to CFT and cosplay in Finland.

  • CFT's photo studio is a popular sight in many Finnish cons, comics festivals and other events. Photos of our studio setup can be found on the lower part of the studio page.
  • The Finnish representatives for World Cosplay Summit are listed on our WCS pages.
  • All our photos are stored in the photo archive. This archive also stores many non cosplay related photos from Finnish events. Some copyright restrictions apply. For image usage rights and permissions, please contact us.
  • A list of upcoming events in Finland can be found at, top left side under the title "tulevia tapahtumia". Some events feature English language information on their websites.
  • CFT is managed by Säätöyhteisö B2 ry.

Contact information

For any general inquiries, please contact Mr. Kyuu Eturautti.

  • e-mail: kyuu (at)
  • phone: +358 50 5950047
  • postal mail: Tietovelhot Ltd, Kyuu Eturautti, Viinikankatu 36, FI-33800 Tampere, Finland

For World Cosplay Summit related inquiries, please email wcs (at)



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